This is my very first blog post on my brand new blog, and I’m very excited to begin learning about how to be a successful blogger,
especially as I am being coached by one of the most successful online Marketers ever, Mr. John Thornhill, and I am also following his excellent
programme called “Partnership to Success” alongside his “Ambassador” programme, which offers so much content it’s just ridiculous, and I have dared myself
to fail with this kind of training! It’s not going to happen! All my failures are now firmly banished behind me, and as soon as I came across John and his
training, I felt a new kind of hope rise in me that I haven’t felt in many a year, I can promise you.

So just to give you a bit of an insight on who I am, my name is Helen Kaye as you will have gathered from my heading, I am 71 years young and I have lived alone for the last
3 years after my late husband passed, with just my 2 small dogs for company, I also have a lovely family and 9 Grandchildren which are expensive to run!

I have been dabbling with Internet marketing for about 15 years, (before broadband!) always convinced that a great living could be made from the internet, and chasing every
new shiny object out there, spending vast amounts of money over the years, enough to make you want to cry, and getting precisely nowhere. I even invested a one time
£10,000 to attend a 2 day training held by a well known Internet Marketer, to be taught how to create a website and earn a living from it, only for that to fail
miserably also. Internet marketing was a very different kettle of fish in those days, and it was an incredibly steep learning curve, the journey was fraught with
so many problems that I didn’t really stand a chance, even though I spent several months trying to get my head around it, even attended a seperate NLP course
(Neuro Linguistic Programming) which teaches you to plant certain seeds in your customers minds through language you use, to make them more open to buying from you.

It was supposed to help but just made everything even more difficult. So I gave up, emotionally and financially drained, to retreat and lick my wounds.
The worst part about all of that was that my hubby didn’t know about what I was doing, he would most definitely not have approved, dismissing it as pie in the sky,
so I ended up with massive debts that i tried to deal with in secret, and life was pretty grim.

There was a period of time when I quit all attempts at trying to do something online, and I just left it alone for about 2 years, but then my initial interest
raised it’s head again and I gingerly set out following this person and that person, and what do you know, for 2 years i was in the clutches of a very clever but
devious marketer, and spent about £15000 on his various schemes always being promised this was going to be the next big thing and to hang in, don’t drop the ball now,
keep on buying this that and the other and it will pay off BIG!! He turned out to be nothing but a very clever con artist, and I just couldn’t believe I had
made another huge mistake, this time at the expense of a large part of my pension pot!

I also went after several “Done for you” programmes as they seemed very inviting, I found the older I was getting the less I wanted to start from scratch and do all
the heavy lifting myself, but again, unless you invest tons of money they don’t really deliver the goods, unless of course you become an “Ambassador Elite”, which will
be my next objective, but for now I just want to earn some money from going through the “Partnership to success” and “Ambassador” programmes which work side
by side, and I am truly excited to be on this, my final journey into Marketing online, as I can feel in my belly that this WILL bring me the success and
income I have been chasing for so long now! This is my last Rodeo folks!

Anyway, I have gained a lot of fragmented knowledge over the years, kind of a Jack of all trades, master of none, but it helps when i am navigating through
the training in the “Partership to Success” programme, as some of the things you have to do, I have done before, so it’s not quite as daunting as if you were
a complete novice. I am enjoying the step by step daily tasks to be done, while at the same time also following the Amazing “Ambassador” programme.
The future is bright, I can visualise my pension pot growing by the minute, thank you John Thornhill.

If you, lovely reader, would also like to take a look at the above mentioned training, go here and get started now!


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