That probably seems like a strange
headline for someone to be writing
about in the
Entrepreneur/Mmo/Marketing niche?

I’ll let you into a little secret,
and if you are honest and really
think about it, this may also
with some of you!

I’m not talking
about those esteemed and extremely
driven characters in
the business of whom there are a
great many, who just seem to
naturally have all the drive
and determination to sprint to the
top leaving the rest of us gasping
for breath in their wake,
seemingly having the grasp that’s
needed on what to do and how to do
it, along with astonishing
business acumen and an ability to
piece all the components together
in order to have a business
plan that works!

There are also those have had very
real struggles and hardship,
incurring debt and loss of self esteem
almost to the point of giving up,
when all of a sudden the efforts
and months or often years of
give way to success!

Somebody once
told me, just hang in there, stay
in the business
for long enough to create an
average and never forget to treat
it like the business it is, and it will
pay off as long as you stay
consistent in your efforts and
don’t quit! And I think that’s the bottom
line really, consistency and
repetition at all times, never give
up until you push through!

I get that now, but for a long time
I didn’t, I’m afraid I was one of
the many who was looking for an easy
option to making money online,
especially in the early days of
online marketing and my goodness
it’s come a long way since then.

much has changed and indeed systems
are much easier now to
put in place, there is much more
help available for example YouTube
has just about got every topic
on earth covered!

But if you have shiny object
syndrome, (an actual addiction!)
none of that matters, you
have it (or at least I did) firmly
In your head that an easy living
and great wealth can be achieved
online, and there are all those
successful entrepreneurs to prove
it, with their mansions and flash
cars and laptops on the beach,
sipping cocktails by the pool?

We’ve all seen them and envied
them, and do you know something


They got all this wealth by just a
couple of clicks here and there,
with magic software, and before
you know it, the computer was
spitting out dollar notes faster
than you can blink! So easy! Anyone
can do this! No experience needed,
push button technology, newbie
friendly, my 6 year old can do

And so on and so forth, you get the
drift, if you are anything like me
you are probably sick to death
of all the hype, not to mention
broke and in debt after being
suckered in time and again, but never
actually “getting” It!

Always with
credit card ready to buy the next
one, why not when it looks so
easy? And then after come the
upsells, endless upsells that make
us feel that the original product
can’t be worth all they said about
it, because you need a few hundred
dollars worth of extra stuff
added on for it to be any good?

Of course having gained more
experience down the line I realise
that the sales funnel is an integral
part of selling online, but so many
times I have felt I was being
rooked by it! And then in the end it didn’t
work anyway, because it required
EFFORT! Who wants that? Everyone
knows that “work” is only for
offline jobs right?

When you know
damn well that there’s
this thing called residual income,
and passive income, you know, you
just set it up and off it goes by
itself? That’s the one we want!
That’s the one we’ve been looking

Because you see, being an online
marketer is not my passion! I hate
selling! My passion is money! And
how to get my grubby mitts on it

in the fastest possible time!

And please let’s not go down the
route of money doesn’t buy you
happiness? Really?

But it does buy you freedom and
autonomy, the ability to become
your own person
and live your life comfortably in
your own way!

Of course family and
loved ones always come first
and they will benefit too! I know
one thing, I’m not going to insult
your intelligence about what money
can do for you, but at my age (71)
I would rather be miserable on the
soft leather seats
of my beautifully expensive car,
than happy rattling around on the

I don’t want to help people get
what they want so that I can get
what I want?

Doesn’t that sound terrible!

That’s going to take forever and I
want the good life NOW! There! I
said it!!

I don’t have the time for any
learning curve!!

So after many years of bashing my
head against a brick wall and
spending a fortune, (I know, you

I have FINALLY arrived at the
conclusion that to be a successful
online marketer, you have to work!
Ouch! There is no quick fix! There
is no shiny object!

industrial factory worker working in metal manufacturing industry

So you can
either carry on down the slippery
slope to absolute desperation or
pull it back quickly, get on board
the realisation that you’re going
to have to put the work in, but by
getting yourself a good and proven
MENTOR, that is open and honest
And has a proven platform that
considerably flattens what can be
an incredibly steep learning curve,
Invest your money sensibly in the
programmes he has on offer, and
follow through step by step.

Do not falter, do exactly what he
tells you to the letter, don’t try
to rush ahead and be clever
as you will fail. In other words,
be a good student and you will be
richly rewarded by becoming your
own brand, and your own successful

I realise now that I never had any
intention on working in this
business, was always looking for the
easy way out. Well, there isn’t
one, so if you really want this to
work, learn from someone who
knows the business inside and out.

John Thornhill.

So Why mention John Thornhill?

Well because after watching the webinar training he did, where he details step by step what it really takes to build a business online,
I am finally making real progress myself. And I invite you to watch the free training, then consider him if you are looking for a coach.
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