Many people want to know at which stage is it acceptable to call yourself a writer?

It sounds very obvious, but calling yourself a writer, and thinking of yourself as a writer is for some people hugely important and actually can be a really big gear change on the journey to being a published writer.

When you think of writing as just a hobby or something that you’re doing on the side not really taking it seriously, then it can feel very self-indulgent, because you know, we all have busy lives, and if you’re going to fit in the serious endeavour of writing a novel around the rest of your life, something is going to have to give.

If, for example, you’re being invited to a party say or a friend’s, barbecue or whatever it’s difficult or it can be difficult to say sorry I can’t come because I’m working on my book.

In reality that’s something you’re going to have to be prepared to do, once you start taking your writing seriously.

So if you are open and honest with people about your work, they will be more understanding about social events and so on and things that you might miss, than they would be if you were just being very dismissive and treating as a hobby.

You don’t need to be published to call yourself a writer, that’s really important. There will be a number of occasions when you are at a social event or something and people will ask what you do, so you say you’re a writer, and then they will ask what have you had published? And you will say nothing yet, because that doesn’t mean you’re not a writer. Even if you haven’t had anything published, call yourself a writer now, if that’s what you want to do, you don’t need to finish the book either to call yourself a writer.

It’s not even just about not being published yet, you don’t need to finish that you don’t need to have written the end. You don’t need to have redrafted it you, or need to have got it to the point where you have closed down the word document and have moved on to something else, to call yourself a writer. If you’re working on something you’re writing.

So call yourself a writer before you finish, call yourself writer before you’ve started if necessary, because the writing process doesn’t start when you first put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard to to write the opening lines of chapter. The writing process starts well before that when you’re gathering material, when you’re thinking about the topics you want to write about, when you’re thinking about the characters that you want to write about, and the Story that you want to tell that’s all part of the writing process.

Okay, I hope that’s helpful, go for it, call yourself a writer go out there be proud of what you do. Take yourself seriously and and see what happens! you may surprise yourself!

And the same goes for blogging!

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