Create a Social Site and Increase Your Free Traffic

Your goal should be to increase your free traffic. Good news! If you create a social site you can do exactly that, increase your traffic for no cost. Let’s have a look at what your social site needs to accomplish.

#1 Encourage a Call to Action – Ask your visitors to become involved. If they like what your site has to offer they’ll likely return. Your call to action will engage your visitors and ask them to help by inviting others to your site, leaving comments and writing responses.

#2 Make Good Use of Comments – Comments are a great way for you to interact and engage with your visitors. You can stay in touch and respond to comments that are made. You should allow a few minutes every day to respond to comments that have been made. Engaged visitors come back!

#3 Interact With Other Blogs and Sites – You should stay connected to other blogs and sites that are in your niche. Leave comments on their posts, get involved with these communities and let people find you. This will increase your traffic. However, don’t hog the site and don’t be a nuisance. Don’t post for the sake of posting. Make sure you have something of value to add.

#4 Start Your Own Forum – Add a forum to your site. It’s a great place for people to get together and discuss everything from A to Z. They can talk about the niche your site handles or about the weather. Active forums are a great way to bring your visibility up in the search engines and that will increase your traffic flow. Don’t be surprised if your forum grows rapidly – the good ones do. Just be prepared to add a moderator to the site to ensure things remain civil and above board.

These are just four things you can do to create a more social site and increase traffic to your website. Try to think outside the box and enjoy the growth to your site.

Here are a few more things which will help you.

Decrease Your Bounce Rate & Increase Your Free Traffic

Search engines hate high bounce rates. If your bounce rate is too high, Google and other search engines could punish you by decreasing your rank and placement. If you decrease your bounce rate you will be rewarded by the search engines. Better placement means more traffic to your site.

Bounce rate is one of those metrics that is tossed around a lot in the search engines. It’s often talked about in absolutes, but it is better to look at bounce rates subjectively.

If you have a high bounce rate it could mean a number of things that generally will fall into either one of these two categories.

1.Either you are acquiring the wrong kind of traffic to your site.
2. Or you are acquiring the right kind of traffic to your site.

Quite confusing isn’t it? However if you think about it, once your website provides exactly what the visitor wants or provides a solution to the question the visitor will leave the page quickly. That means you will have a high bounce rate.

Ideally you want your visitors to stay around a while, but you also want them to find what they came for. So you need to spread their visit around so that they are checking out more of your site before they leave. This means you need more engaged visitors.

To decrease your bounce rate, you might also

1. Don’t use pop ups, they are distracting and annoying
2. Use a navigation setup that is intuitive and contains key items
3. Avoid poor website design
4. Increase the speed at which your pages load
5. Make your site mobile friendly
6. Segment your information
7. Optimize for intent
8. Design information based on your priorities
9. Watch where you place ads
10. Remove distractions
11. Leverage internal searches

Decrease your bounce rate and increase your traffic. It’s worth your time to work on a better bounce rate.

Give Away Freebies and Increase Your Free Traffic

Freebies can bring your site free traffic. Everyone likes getting something for free! That’s why online freebies are so popular. Freebies bring visitors to your site, and when done right they leave the visitor wanting more, which hopefully leads to a purchase.

Choosing quality freebies will ensure you have an increase in your free traffic. What do some of the freebies that have value look like? Here are some freebies for you to consider.

#1 E-book – give away an e-book and make sure your ad is on it. Let your visitors also give away the e-book. This will increase your ad exposure and as a result increase your free traffic to your site.

#2 Online Classes – Hold online seminars or classes that are free. You can hold these in a chat room. People love free ways to learn something about what interests them and from there you can send them to your site for more information or to make a purchase. It’s an easy way to increase your traffic flow.

#3 Webinars – Webinars are another way to teach people. Offer free webinar classes that also send them to your website. A quick and easy way to increase your traffic flow for no cost.

#4 Contests – Contests are a great way to increase your traffic flow. Give site visitors a free entry and let them enter daily. You will be amazed at how much this can impact your traffic. People love to share contests and that means new free traffic for you.

#5 Software – Give away free software or turn part of your website into an area that contains all kinds of free software available for visitors to download. Make sure your ad is inside. Let others give away this software too. Of course, any software you give away must be legally available to do so.

There are all kinds of things you can give away, depending on your niche market. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. You’ll be impressed at the increase you’ll enjoy in free traffic.

Grow your free traffic by addressing a niche market

If you want to increase your traffic and you want to do it for free, then why not try addressing a niche market. You’ll be happy with the results you see!

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    4 replies to "Whizz up your Flagging Traffic For Free!"

    • Christopher Paul

      Hi Helkay,

      Great post and so true about the interaction on other sites.

      I appreciate part the about the bounce rate, really made me think about my own blog and the need to put some time into getting some useful informative posts on there!
      Christopher Paul recently posted…Well that went quick!My Profile

      • Helkay

        Thanks for the comment Christopher, I’m glad some of my content resonated with you.

    • Gordon J

      Hi Helkay<
      Love the article, especially the bit about reducing bounce rate. I have a bit of history as a website designer/builder and the difficulty I have in trying to get clients to understand that adding heaps of images that they took with their mobile phones will not help the site speed. I even find myself from time to time clicking on a link, waiting, site not up yet, back to google search for the next one. Hugely important information for such a simple thing.

      • Helkay

        Thanks Gordon, very kind of you.

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